The Future for Crypto-Currencies: Taking a Look at Their Strengths and the Challenges They Face

1212_Bitcoin_IRA_630x420Crypto-currencies have certainly been in the news a lot lately. While the general public has become increasingly aware of Bitcoin and similar alternatives, though, it is unsure just exactly how much this has translated into greater, more general usage of the currencies. It can be difficult to figure out exactly who owns what with crypto-currencies, but most observers who have studied the issue seem to think that the majority of the activity still centers around a relatively narrow, tech-savvy base of users. (more…)

Volatile Crypto-Currency Markets Make Some Wonder About Their Long-Term Future

101471964-475512651.530x298It has been a wild ride so far for Bitcoin and other, similar crypto-currencies. Originally created and overseen by a mysterious programming genius who went by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, the grandfather of all crypto-currencies remains the one that most attention focuses on. At the same time, a number of would-be contenders have also popped up, leaving many to suggest that one of them will eventually take over the spotlight. (more…)

Vera John Now Accepting Bitcoins



Online casino, Vera John, began accepting the virtual currency Bitcoin in early 2014. This online casino, one of the largest in the world, broke new ground by accepting this new, virtual currency. For Vera John, using Bitcoins means that users can count upon even more security in their transactions. They can also trust that no governments or companies are spying on, or interfering with, their private bets. Rest assured when you bet with Bitcoins using Vera John, your transactions stay between you and the casino. (more…)

Top 3 Military PC Games Ever

Some of the most popular pc games are those which fall into the military or war genre of gaming. These games which include strategy, skill, person to person, air and military tank pc games have become highly complicated, sweeping multiplayer events that offer players rich graphics, intense, realistic game play experiences. The earliest military pc based games were crude and arcade like. (more…)

Top 3 iPhone Apps to find Map, Address or a Zip Code

There are more than 250,000 apps available for Apple products which include iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac and Macbook. All or the apps are registered and approved by Apple and they can be found on the Official Apple Store. Most of the apps are free but some of them are paid and they are not much expensive. A regular iPhone app cost around $.99-$2.99. (more…)

5 Money Saving iPhone Apps

Owning an iPhone is no cheap venture, which is why many owners of this smartphone are often looking for other areas to trim in their budget in order to keep up on the often $100+ per month bills that come with iPhones. Not to mention the exciting apps and additional accessories we’re all yearning to add to our growing collection of iPhone related gear. This all costs quite a bundle of money, so in order to offset those costs, the following apps will help you to lower the costs of other areas in your budget. (more…)

Thirteen Gadgets Worth Buying As a Birthday Present

You absolutely have to get a present that stands out, impresses people and that your geeky friend, whose birthday it is, will really enjoy and on top of all that, it has to be funny. Not an easy task, but we are here to the rescue with this interesting lineup.

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle What, you don’t think your friend wants his belly lighting up like a billboard? (more…)

3 Must have Apps for your BlackBerry

BlackBerry is considered as the most secure gadget and today its one of the most used devices in the world. There are thousands of apps available on the BlackBerry store and most of them are FREE. There are paid apps as well, and let me tell you something that when you pay for something from your pocket, you will receive excellent services. So today I am going to write about 3 paid BlackBerry apps that can be useful for travellers, adventurers and also post office delivery guys. (more…)

Kim Kardashian Files Divorce: The Fairy Tale Wedding is Now Over

The Fairytale wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries didn’t last longer. Kim Kardashian is getting ready her divorce papers and finally the couple is going to be separated. The wedding is now over. Kim spent her Halloween night alone and right after that she filed the divorce. The divorce date mentioned on the official document is 31st October, 2011. They just spent 72 days together and now Kim wants to be separated. Nobody know the exact reason so far what’s going on in between Kim and Kris? But rumors have been heard that Kris wanted Kim to move to his hometown Minnesota but she wanted to stay in Los Angeles. While giving a statement to E! News, Kim confirmed that: (more…)