3 Must have Apps for your BlackBerry

BlackBerry is considered as the most secure gadget and today its one of the most used devices in the world. There are thousands of apps available on the BlackBerry store and most of them are FREE. There are paid apps as well, and let me tell you something that when you pay for something from your pocket, you will receive excellent services. So today I am going to write about 3 paid BlackBerry apps that can be useful for travellers, adventurers and also post office delivery guys.

GPS World Map

GPS world Map for BlackBerryGPS World Map is a powerful navigation app for BlackBerry with location support, which means that with the help of this app you will be able to see your physical location and the route map of any location in the world. In full zoom you can also recognize some popular places and locations. If you get lost or you are not able to find an address, try GPS world map. You can move the map with your finger and with the pinch in zoom places are now more prominent. (+) and (-) buttons can also be used for zooming in and out.

Feature of GPS World Map:

Complete world map
Physical and road maps
Easy navigation
Complete GPS support
Technical Specifications:

Version: 5.2.4
Release: June 16, 2011
File Size: 401 KB
Required Software: 1.0.0 or higher
Supported Countries: All Countries
Supported Carriers: All carriers
Price: US$4.99 USD

ZIP Lookup

ZIP Lookup for BlackBerryZIP Lookup is a very useful app for BlackBerry which allows you to search zip codes. It can be used as a zip code finder and it can search addresses by zip codes. This app uses online resources and you will need wi-fi or 3G connection to find the address against a zip code. You will also need to register the app once you purchase and download it on your BlackBerry.

“When you buy the application you get a registration code from App World™ which you can use to register the application with. In case you lost or forgot the code you can get it at icecoldapps.com. Register the application by starting it, press the BlackBerry® menu button and click the register menu item.”

Technical Specifications:

Version: 1.0.0
Release: February 16, 2011
File Size: 339 KB
Required Software: 5.0.0 or higher
Supported Countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
Supported Carriers: All carriers
Price: US$1.99 USD

GPS Monitor

GPS Monitor for BlackBerryMost likely the GPS World Map but this one is more powerful than it. The best thing is that you can turn ON/OFF the GPS manually. It extracts all the information from the online GPS receiver and you can also connect it to external and internal Bluetooth receivers. The app works best outside when the sky is clear.

While using the app on your BlackBerry it will show you the following details:

Time Stamp
GPS fix validity
Technical Specifications:

Version: 3.0.2
Release: June 15, 2011
File Size: 682 KB
Required Device Software: 1.0.0 or higher
Supported Countries: All Countries
Supported Carriers: All carriers
Price: US$2.99 USD

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