5 Money Saving iPhone Apps

Owning an iPhone is no cheap venture, which is why many owners of this smartphone are often looking for other areas to trim in their budget in order to keep up on the often $100+ per month bills that come with iPhones. Not to mention the exciting apps and additional accessories we’re all yearning to add to our growing collection of iPhone related gear. This all costs quite a bundle of money, so in order to offset those costs, the following apps will help you to lower the costs of other areas in your budget.


BillMinder for iPhoneAre you constantly losing track of which bills are due when and sometimes accumulating late fees? They all seem to flood in at once, and it can be difficult trying to remember what to pay and by which date. To solve this headache-inducing problem, a few app developers came out with the $1.99 app, BillMinder. Quick and easy to use, it’s no wonder why so many iPhone owners love BillMinder. With this app, you can keep track off all your payments- incoming, in the wings, and paid off- and the charts and reports function- which can be exported to other sources if you so choose- makes it so you’ll never accidentally forget a payment date again.

Dinner Spinner

Dinner Spinner for iPhoneAt the low cost of $0.00, you can’t go wrong with AllRecipes.com’s Dinner Spinner. With thousands of recipe entries in their database, you are covered regardless of whether you’re looking for a quick snack or planning out a five-course meal for a dozen guests. To enhance the experience, they have since added photos to most of the recipes as well as reviews from fellow app users to gauge the effectiveness of a given recipe. Search through various dish types and ingredients to determine what you feel like preparing, or even hit the spin button for a random selection. This app can help you plan out meals well in advance, as well as save money by ensuring that you only buy what’s absolutely necessary for future meals.

Save It!

Save It! for iPhoneLooking for a simple, yet powerful budgeting app to keep in the palm of your hand? Look no further than the $2.99 app, Save It! Instead of constantly having to make changes to a computer-based spreadsheet or carry around a notebook to track expenses, you can just let this app do all the work for you. Set a budget, then plug in expenses and watch as the app does the calculations for you, leaving you with your leftover funds for the month (as pre-allocated by you with the initial budgeting process). Prioritising and organising expenses has never been easier, allowing you to stay on top of your finances with Save It!


Skype for iPhoneSkype has been around for several years as a desktop mechanism for making video conference calls to friends and family all over the world. Now they have translated it into an app for owners of the iPhone 4 or later (no video calling capabilities in earlier models). It’s absolutely free, too, preventing the need for any more overpriced international calling plans with your iPhone. Anywhere, anytime, you can call for free with this app, and the resolution on the iPhones is the perfect capacity for this app’s purpose. For people who frequently need the distance calling option, the Skype app alone makes the investment of an iPhone worth it.


Lasoo for iPhoneLooking to go shopping for a specific item but not sure which store is offering the best deal on it? Look no further than Lasoo, one of the best apps for Australian consumers. Their database encompasses all of the major department stores and can save you not only money but time as well. Instead of spending hours researching through websites or catalogues for the best savings, Lasoo will do the comparisons for you and even show you exactly where you can buy the item at its lowest price. This extremely practical app even has a Daily Deals tab for those who are interested in finding the greatest discounts in their area. All of this for free? You bet.

So, when you’re looking to save money with apps on your iPhone, there are literally hundreds of different apps out there to help you out. However, the five listed above can be the most helpful in terms of user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

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