Six Most Terrifying and Scary Snakes

Just hearing the word “snake” can cause many people to race for snake repellent or snake deterrent. If you think you’re brave enough, continue reading to learn about six of the world’s scariest snakes.


Scary Snake anacondaPrimarily found in Northern Africa and the tropical Amazonian region of South America, the anaconda definitely earns its reputation as the “King of the Snakes.” A slow-moving snake that belongs to the boa constrictor family, giant anacondas can be up to 100 feet in length and are the largest species of snake. The anaconda uses its enormous, powerful body to kill its prey by coiling around it body and then squeezing. Once the animal has been crushed to death or suffocated, the anaconda will unhinge its jaw before swallowing it whole.


Scar Snake CobraA venomous reptile, the cobra slithers throughout southern Asia, Africa and the Philippines. When endangered or distressed, the cobra rears up and spreads its hood in an menacing and aggressive air. Even from a distance of eight feet, the cobra can spray its deadly venom with pinpoint accuracy. Currently, the Cobra is identified as the world’s largest venomous snake, as it can measure up to 24 feet long.

Black Mamba

Scary black bamba snakeDespite its name, the entire body isn’t all black. The snake received its name from its inky black mouth, which may take the color of metal, olive green or dark olive. Considered the largest poisonous snake in Africa and the world’s second largest snake, an adult black mamba can grow to a maximum length of about 14 feet. They are considered to be the fastest land snake on earth and can be found in areas of open woodlands, rocky outcrops and open savannas.

Tiger Snake

scary tiger snakesAmong the most venomous snakes found in the tropical areas of Australia, the tiger snake can grow up to seven feet long. Orange Brown and Jet Black colors typically decorate this snake while its underside is adorned with the colororange. Similar to the Cobra, when the Tiger snake feels endangered and is unable to flee, it will take on a stance with a flat body while raising its head menacingly.


scary RattlesnakeWhen threatened, rattlesnakes use their tail tips as a warning device by vibrating the series of loose-attached segments to produce a rattling sound. These snakes diet on smaller rodents such as rats, mice, lizards, or small birds and other animals. Its carries a lethal venomous bite that can instantaneously stun or kill its typical prey in as little as 20 seconds.


scary Green Python SnakeAlthough non-venomous, pythons are strong enough to kill their prey by squeezing until it suffocates. These snakes are large and powerful. In fact, the largest species of python weighs in excess of 300 pounds. Because of the enormous size of pythons (measuring in length up to 30 feet) these snakes are capable of killing and swallowing animals as large as antelopes, crocodiles, deer, and pigs.

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