Thirteen Gadgets Worth Buying As a Birthday Present

You absolutely have to get a present that stands out, impresses people and that your geeky friend, whose birthday it is, will really enjoy and on top of all that, it has to be funny. Not an easy task, but we are here to the rescue with this interesting lineup.

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle What, you don’t think your friend wants his belly lighting up like a billboard?

MP3 Sunglasses Life is too complicated to have to carry your music AND wear Sunglasses.

Ring Thing A ring that is really nothing more than a bottle opener you can wear on your finger. Perfect cheap gift!

Chocolate Scented Solar Calculator Looks and smells just like the candy bar, just perfect for that hungry financier you know.

Desk Pet A little wheelie thing that you can remotely drive forward, backwards and sideways. Hey, beats working all day.

Cartoon-in-a-box This is for the friend who is the master of weird sounds- we all have one. A little recording box with gunshots, explosions, oo a-gah noises, every sound there is to annoy people.

Semi-Autonomous Bug Bots Definitely for the guy or gal who has everything. Adorable little microbots that run around, bump into things, back up automatically and even run from the light and hid in the dark.

Rear view Glasses For the dirty old man on your gift list. Looks like you are looking forward, but you can see the cutie behind you without getting caught.

Drinking Bird What can we say? Everyone has got to have at least one. Put a drink in front of him and he will dip forward and have a sip.. It’s actually fun to watch for about 30 seconds.

Bobblebottom Doll Bobbleheads are so two thousand and ten. Now it’s time for your friends to have a bobblebottom, which wiggles its, well, you get the picture.

Light Up Baseball Cap Another must have item. A lighted tube (in red or green) runs around the brim, and three white LED lights illuminate the center of the brim. Very tasteful.

Talking Bottle Opener If you can’t decide between the bottle opener ring and the annoying noise making box, this will make your gift giving easier. Makes a comment every time you open a bottle; you don’t even have to turn it on.

Survival Tool This is actually a handy gadget, and perfect for a non joke birthday gift. Only about 2 inches by 3 inches, this stainless steel tool opens cans, can be used as a knife, is a screwdriver, a ruler, can open bottles, serves as a wrench, saw blade, and much, much more. With this in your wallet, you can survive anything.

If you can’t find a fun present from this list, don’t go to the party.

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