Top 3 Military PC Games Ever

Some of the most popular pc games are those which fall into the military or war genre of gaming. These games which include strategy, skill, person to person, air and military tank pc games have become highly complicated, sweeping multiplayer events that offer players rich graphics, intense, realistic game play experiences. The earliest military pc based games were crude and arcade like.

Below are some of the most wanted and played games ever:

Battlefield 2

Released in June of 2005, Battlefield 2 continues to prove one the best military games of all time. The game produces incredible graphics and allows up to 64 players, one two separate teams, the ability to participate in a single game. The main object of the game, set on massive battlefields is to snuff out and control all of the opposing team bases.

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2 is a first person tactical shooter pc game that provides players with stunning graphics and intense battle sequences. The game places in you various parts of Europe and Africa during the Second World War. You play as different characters, each one in a unique setting, company and rank. In Call of Duty, you get to partake in D-Day, but from a complete different perspective. Instead of storming the beach, you will be navigating the sheer cliffs at Pointe Du Hoc.

Silent Hunter III

Like Call of Duty, Silent Hunter III is also during the World War II era. In Silent Hunter III, you are in charge of a U Boat that patrols the Atlantic. The game designs placed a lot of emphasis on detail, but not so much so as to compromise the game play. In Silent Hunter III you are charge of the ship and can navigate however you see fit, provided you complete your assigned patrols

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