Vera John Now Accepting Bitcoins



Online casino, Vera John, began accepting the virtual currency Bitcoin in early 2014. This online casino, one of the largest in the world, broke new ground by accepting this new, virtual currency. For Vera John, using Bitcoins means that users can count upon even more security in their transactions. They can also trust that no governments or companies are spying on, or interfering with, their private bets. Rest assured when you bet with Bitcoins using Vera John, your transactions stay between you and the casino.

Bitcoins are a new entirely virtual currency born of the electronic age. They are essentially unique numerical codes that users can spend like they would normal money with stores that accept them. Because Bitcoins are an entirely decentralized virtual peer-to-peer currency, there are no middlemen to go through. This means that Bitcoin transactions are not subject to any particular governmental or corporate oversight and they do not have to be routed through banks. Because users do not need to go through governments or companies, they have much more management over their own privacy. Which makes the user more comfortable with the transactionVera John is leading the way in the twenty first century with the innovative use and acceptance of the Bitcoin. They offer a wide variety top online gambling materials, along with a pleasing and safe environment for your entertainment pleasure. Please take time to visit Vera John and enjoy all of your gaming interests, including blackjack, video slot machines, and a host of other online games. Try your luck with Vera John.

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